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Digital X-Rays

We used traditional flat films for many years and it always seemed fine to us. Then digital x-rays showed up and, boy, was the technology expensive. My thought was that people wouldn’t be able to afford it. Was I wrong! People loved it and it has revolutionized radiography in equine practice. Not only does it give nice images, it gives them in seconds. No more going to the office to develop films and finding out that we blew one, then going back to the farm for re-takes. Also, you can take as many as you want at one time, no more running out of cassettes before you are done. (Anyone want to buy my old cassettes? They weren’t cheap).

Some of the big Thoroughbred sales require 30 or 40 views of each horse in the sale. We have done quite a bit of this work. The technology is also great for prepurchase exams. We can be reasonably sure that we have a good study before we leave. The digitized images can also be sent to other vets for second (third, fourth?) opinions easily.

We have a Sound-Eklin digital x-ray system that provides high quality images.

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